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Customer and Industry 
DSI, put it best themselves, "we continually immerse ourselves in our customers’ business challenges, regardless of their industry or specific supply chain needs." ​

Create one central location that sales reps and other personnel could access for information about the products and solutions they offered.


Customer Profile 
DSI a digital supply chain platform company that creates mobile friendly and cloud supply chain solutions for the digital economy.​

The Challenge
DSI had a lot of documents related to their products and solutions they offered. All of these documents were scattered across their SharePoint farm in different locations. They wanted a central location to quickly and easily find these documents. However, just putting all the documents in one location wouldn't be enough. Some documents were related to more than one product, and sometimes were related to a product and a solution. They needed to be able to select a product or solution and see everything related to what they chose, and the ability to tag documents to be related to multiple products and solutions. Information was scattered across the site. It wasn't intuitive as to what you should click on to find the information you were looking for. Sales reps have to access this information on a daily basis and they were stuck spending time searching through different sites and libraries and then downloading copies to their desktop so they could find it easier next time. This led to outdated documents and multiple copies floating around.


Alto's Solution

  • Alto built a completely new and custom Mega Menu for top navigation tailored to DSI. This had large drop downs with different layouts for each heading. This made it easy for DSI to organize all their sites into categories on the top level so that you could get to the information you were looking for in one click. The mega menu is also easy to update and maintain since it pulls data from an out of the box SharePoint list.
  • Alto created a new Products and Solutions site. A new color scheme and branding was also applied through a new Master Page. The site was designed to greatly reduce the time needed to find relevant information by sales reps. It allows them to view information on any product or solution in one location rather than having to search across their site, wasting valuable time looking for the document they needed.
  • A new Home page was also created to have a more inviting and relevant landing page for DSI. The new home page allowed users to see data visually and allowed for DSI to communicate their announcements via web parts instead of sending mass emails to employees.
  • Managed Metadata was created using the SharePoint Term Store. This provided DSI with a hierarchical structure to create all of the metadata terms for their products and solutions.


Search and Usability​:

  • DSI wanted to ultimately have one central location that sales reps and other personnel could access for information about the products and solutions they offered. Alto created a Dashboard for each product/solution within the Products & Solutions site. This dashboard has web parts, for news, images, and documents. All of these web parts contain information pertaining to the product and solution being viewed. Alto used a query string filtering mechanism to filter all the web parts and only show the information related to the product or solution that was chosen from the drop down at the top of the page.
  • The mega menu allowed DSI to put links under the Products and Solutions tab to go view information for their most popular options. That way users could get to the information even quicker than selecting choices from the Dashboard page. Using URL query strings allowed Alto to form the URL's in the links so the filtering would be done immediately.
  • The use of the Term Store also enhanced the Advanced Search for DSI. They could apply property filters on the Advanced Search page further narrow their search using the additional metadata that was used on all the documents. Alto also created a custom drop down in the Property Restrictions area for search. This made it possible to choose from different DocTypes, Products, and Solutions, all of which were in their Term Store. That way they wouldn't have to type them in the "contains" field.



By architecting and deploying a new site with a user friendly home page, optimal search, and a "one-click to destination" menu structure, DSI is now able to find documents and information much faster. Their data integrity has also improved since they are not saving files on their desktop creating multiple versions. All in all this boosts productivity for DSI while also creating more opportunities for other departments in DSI to follow this structure to enhance their way of business as well.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

DSI case study 

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