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Many companies deploy SharePoint without doing any strategic planning. The result is a SharePoint environment with no ownership, site sprawl, lots of “junk” (stale or duplicate content), compromised security, and a frustrated user community. Alto located in Minneapolis, Minnesota focuses on SharePoint consulting and best practices that drive success so that SharePoint is deployed correctly the first time. Our Microsoft-certified SharePoint experts help clients establish business requirements, develop a governance plan, define the technical architecture, and drive adoption.

We Help You Establish Business Requirements
SharePoint can deliver huge value, but only if you understand your business problems and objectives. Without this understanding, success is more about luck than skill. Alto can: 

  • Educate stakeholders and gather preliminary requirements.
  • Develop deeper requirements and usage scenarios, and identify dependencies.
  • Define priorities and offer a phased approach.
  • Present the business case for utilizing certain features.
We Help You Develop A SharePoint Governance Plan
Effective governance planning helps guide your business users into making the best choices with respect to SharePoint usage and adoption. We can:

  • Define roles and responsibilities.
  • Develop an information architecture.
  • Document information management policies and establish guidelines for customization.
  • Define security principles, policies and standards.
We Help You Define The Technical Architecture
Alto believes that a solid and validated architecture is an absolute pre-requisite for successfully deploying SharePoint. We can:

  • Document scale and capacity requirements.
  • Establish the infrastructure required, and define the physical architecture and farm topology.
  • Define the logical architecture and site topology.
  • Understand resource requirements for ongoing support and maintenance.
  • Create a detailed description of how the solution will be implemented including a plan for testing the deployment.
We Help You Drive Adoption Of SharePoint
Encouraging adoption requires intentional creation of conditions so staff can see the greater benefit of working in new ways, and equally giving them the capability to do so. Alto can:

  • Ensure that solutions are aligned with business and employee objectives.
  • Help secure executive sponsorship and drive regular communication.
  • Provide user training through our public SharePoint training classes and/or customized training at our location or yours.
  • Be involved in gathering continual feedback so that the site can evolve as required.
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