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Get a jump start on one of the most common SharePoint workloads with Alto's human resources Onboarding Solution.
​This human resources onboarding product provides the infrastructure to deliver an effective HR site. Many of the features needed in a human resources portal are included.

Custom Onboarding Form

  • Start with this form from the begining when a job is posted.
  • This form will saty idle until a candidate is selected. Enter the candidate's name and the onboarding process will begin.​
Custom Workflow attached to the onboarding process
  • ​Configure the workflow to send tasks to respective groups that play a role in the onboarding process.
Separate list to manage recruits and potential candidates for the job
  • A mobile form is included allowing users to fill out the candidate's information on the go and easily access it throughout the onboarding process.
Custom Dashboard
  • ​The dashboard displays the number of job openings available, jobs that have been filled, in depth charting of onboarding process status and much more.
  • Colors are used to indicate when upcoming recruits are expected to start working.
  • Charts display comparative information regarding the types of jobs available, contract, full time, part time, intern, etc.

Charts display useful information related to different departments.​​​

  • How many positions are available per department
  • Utilization of new hire budgets for each department

Event Registration

  • Two lists: Events and Registrations. Users can view all events they have access to, and register for them. This also provides an easy view to see who has registered, and can have event registration caps for the number of attendees. Event Dashboard shows all current events and all events the signed in user has registered for

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