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​Alto's Workflow Launch is a small SharePoint Online Timer Job Utility providing pre-scheduled, automated triggering of site workflows.  Many of Alto's SharePoint customers have identified the need to launch workflows based on a predetermined schedule so we developed this SharePoint timer job tool to meet that need.  Workflow Launch runs on a local workstation, server or in the cloud via Azure or some other cloud provider.  Configure and connect to a SharePoint site and trigger a site workflow based on a schedule of your choosing.  The utility is called on a period basis through Windows Task Scheduler, a SQL Server Agent Job, or any other timer-based mechanism available to you.​


  • Once every hour during a Monday-Friday 9:00 am-5:00 pm time window, count the number of defects logged in a list and alert technicians when a product-specific threshold is exceeded.
  • Once a day, check for over-due tasks and send alerts to managers.
  • Once a week, send a summary of projects in progress, completed, and not started to each department head.
  • Every other week, delete obsolete calendar entries.
  • Once a month, archive projects completed over 90 days prior.

Workflow Launch timer job is command-line driven so one instance can be used to schedule an unlimited number of jobs for an unlimited number of different SharePoint sites and workflows.

Work​flow Launch timer job utility ​has a handy visual configuration mode where you can enter and test configurations. When satisfied with the results, the utility generates the command-line parameters for you. There is no need to learn how to specify complex parameter values.

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