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Alto's Both-Shoring Software Development Process is the best of both worlds – High quality, High value software solutions.

You get:

  • A highly skilled, highly experienced local team that knows your local business market.
  • Leverage Offshore talent when applicable for more cost-effective project delivery.
  • Our team takes care of all communication, project management and quality control for the entire team.

Offshore software development has long held the promise of delivering on more cost effective software solutions for businesses.  Unfortunately huge challenges such as communication barriers, differing business climates and values and general cultural differences have proven very difficult to overcome when Offshoring entire projects.  Consequently, many traditional Offshoring projects have failed.

Alto has been involved in almost every type of development model and methodology attempting to address the shortcomings of Offshoring throughout our 32 years of business software development experience.  This hard won experience has lead us to develop a Both-Shoring model that combines the right mix of Onshoring and Offshoring specific to each project.

Alto has vetted our Offshore partners thoroughly to make sure they can deliver the same high quality, maintainable code you have come to expect from Alto developers.  We have also honed our internal model that focuses all developers involved in a project on efficient and consistent code development.

Both-Shoring keeps all software architecture, business analysis and project management local to maintain quality and consistency.  We then identify what project components are a good fit for Offshoring and handle all communication, quality control and project management with the Offshore team.  You work only with our local team.

Our local software team of architects, business analysts and project managers:

  • Understand the local business climate and the needs of your business.
  • Assess the viability of applying the Both Shore model to your business needs.
  • Identify specific project components that are candidates for successful Offshoring.
  • Architect and develop Onshore the overall design and key components critical to delivering a high quality, maintainable solution.
  • Implement rigorous quality assurance procedures.
  • Handle all client communication including meetings, status reports and documentation.

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