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Microsoft Access - Intermediate
Course Number:(ALTO-1539B)
Course Length:2 Day
Course Price:$795
Or Register by Phone 1-888-600-ALTO (2586)

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 Course Description

The two-day intermediate segment is intended for those already familiar with basic Access operations and are ready to make the transition from Access user to application developer. You will learn how to directly control and manipulate Access from behind the scenes to create queries, data entry forms and reports that function precisely in the manner you require. Access is far more powerful and flexible than it might initially appear, making Access suitable for every kind of database application.

 Course Outline

Basic Controls
  • Control Wizards
  • Common Properties
  • Common Events
  • Text Box and Label
  • Command Button
  • Check Box
  • Option Group, Option/Toggle Button
  • Tab versus Page Break Controls
  • Image, Line and Rectangle

Programming with Access

  • Source Code
  • Access Source Code Editor
  • Source Code Organization
  • Examples

Advanced Controls

  • Conditional Formatting
  • Background on List-Orinted Controls
  • List Box and Combo Box
  • SubForm
  • ActiveX controls

Advanced Queries

  • Parameterized Queries
  • More on Nulls
  • The JOIN Operator
  • Top Value Queries
  • Cross Tab Queries
  • Union Queries
  • Sub Queries

Access Engine and Architecture

  • Access Architecture
  • Microsoft Access Engine

Working with Recordsets

  • Common Characteristics
  • Dynasets
  • Snapshots
  • Tables
  • Updating Recordsets
  • Using SQL Statements
  • Recordset Basics

Programming with Forms

  • Form Events
  • Dance of the Data-Bound
  • Control Events
  • Screen Object
  • MsgBox ( )
  • Synchronizing Forms
  • Advanced Validation

Programming with Reports

  • Report Events
  • Section Events
  • Mamipulating Reports at Runtime
  • Cross Tab Queries
  • Working with SubReports