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Microsoft Access - Advanced
Course Number:(ALTO-1539C)
Course Length:1 Day
Course Price:$395
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 Course Description

The one-day advanced segment is an absolutely intense day intended for experienced Access developers who want to fine-tune their applications to exploit the many powerful features and functions built into Access. Access applications have numerous options for dealing with multiple users: different forms of security, concurrency and isolation can be combined to solve any conceivable design problem. Access can be extended by incorporating server-based data sources, ActiveX controls and servers into your applications.

 Course Outline

Error Handling
  • Error Handling in Access
  • Basic Error Handling Syntax
  • The Call Stack
  • Failing Gracefully
  • Error Logging
  • Error Events in Forms and Reports

Multi-User Programming Techniques

  • Application Architecture
  • Splitting Applications from Data
  • Data Integrity Overview
  • ACE Data Integrity
  • Resource Locking
  • Keeping Recordsets Current
  • Concurrency versus Isolation
  • Transactions


  • ACE/JET Database Security
  • Security for ACCDB Files and MDB Files
  • Users, Groups, Permissions
  • Security Wizard
  • Microsoft Office Trust Center

Database Servers

  • Your Database Options
  • Configuring Access to Data Sources
  • Tools in Access
  • Pass-Through Queries
  • Access Projects

Optimizing Applications

  • Designing for Performance
  • Measuring Perormance
  • Creating Custom Ribbons

Developer Extensions and Runtime

  • What is Developer Extensions and Runtime?
  • Developer Extensions and Runtime Contents
  • Access Developer Extension Differences
  • Designing for Distribution
  • Package Solution Wizard
  • What Does and Installation Routine Do?