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Developing, Deploying, Managing Business Process and Integration Solutions using BizTalk Server 2010
Course Number:(MOC-2935)
Course Length:5 Day
Course Price:$3,180
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 Course Description

This five-day instructor-led course provides enterprise team members with the knowledge and skills to begin design and deployment of messaging systems built on the Microsoft BizTalk Server platform. The course covers material relevant both to developers and to network administrators. The material is arranged so that administrators may attend only the first 2-1/2 days. Developers and designers must attend all five days.

 Course Outline

  • Understand the BizTalk Server architecture and the SOA environment.
  • Understand the services and tools provided in BizTalk Server.
  • Install BizTalk Server 2010 on a computer.
  • Understand BizTalk Server infrastructure and scaling.
  • Understand BizTalk Server operations and management.
  • Understand BizTalk Server message tracking.
  • Understand building and deployment of BizTalk Server 2010 applications.
  • Understand the creation and use of schemas for XML and flat-file messages.
  • Configure BizTalk Server adapters to communicate with other systems.
  • Create BizTalk maps and map logic for transformation of messages.
  • Build a message-processing application using BizTalk Server facilities..
  • Create orchestrations to automate business processes.
  • Understand transaction handling in the BizTalk Server environment.
  • Configure BizTalk to consume and publish WCF services.
  • Understand BizTalk message flow design patterns
  • Utilize the BizTalk Server Business Rules engine.
  • Implement BizTalk Server Business Activity Monitoring (BAM).
  • Process EDI transactions using BizTalk Server 2010 EDI facilities.


This course is intended for solution architects, developers, and network administrators who are entering the world of Microsoft® BizTalk® Server business process and integration solutions.


Before attending this course, students should have:

  • 1-2 years experience working with distributed applications.
  • Background in Microsoft .NET Framework concepts and technology.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Working knowledge of XML.
  • Working knowledge of a Microsoft Windows-based network environment.
  • Developers should have experience with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or later.

No prior BizTalk experience is necessary


Part One - 2-1/2 Days
BizTalk Architecture
  • Purpose and function
  • BizTalk and SOA
  • Components
  • Message flow
BizTalk Installation
  • Prerequisites
  • Platform configuration
  • Installation and configuration process
  • BizTalk Server 2010 Installation Lab
BizTalk Schemas
  • Brief review of XML schemas
  • Schema usage in BizTalk
  • Simple Schema Creation Lab
BizTalk Application Deployment
  • BizTalk assemblies and artifacts
  • What is a BizTalk Application?
  • Deploying applications
  • Version management considerations
  • Deployment Lab
BizTalk Application Administration
  • Configuring application components
  • Controlling message flows
  • Message Tracking
  • System Monitoring
  • Port Management Lab
  • Message Flow Lab
  • Tracking and Troubleshooting Lab
BizTalk Infrastructure
  • BizTalk Groups (farms) and Hosts
  • Databases
  • Configuring groups
  • Configuring and managing hosts
  • Security considerations
  • High availability
  • Backing up BizTalk
  • Management Lab
  • Backup Lab
BizTalk Pipelines
  • BizTalk usage of pipelines
  • Pipeline configuration design
  • Debatching
  • Decryption
  • Pipeline Usage Lab

Part Two - 2-1/2 Days
BizTalk Schemas
  • Flat file schemas
  • Schema Creation Lab
BizTalk Maps
  • BizTalk usage of maps
  • Map structure
  • Adding logic to maps
  • Map Creation Lab
BizTalk Adapters
  • Characteristics
  • Configuration
  • Configuring standard adapters
  • Building custom adapters
  • Adapter Configuration and Operation Lab
BizTalk Orchestrations
  • Purpose and Function
  • Environment
  • Coding and building an orchestration
  • Configuring orchestrations
  • Orchestration program flow
  • Transactions and error handling
  • Message correlation
  • Building and Coding Orchestrations Labs
  • Transactional Orchestration Lab
BizTalk and Web Services
  • BizTalk calling web service
  • BizTalk being a web service
  • BizTalk and WCF
  • BizTalk WCF Lab
BizTalk Message Flow Design Patterns
  • Message flow patterns
  • Run-time message flow manipulation
  • Correlating related messages
  • BizTalk Multi-Message Lab
BizTalk Business Rules
  • Rules architecture
  • Rule development and testing
  • Integrating rules into BizTalk
  • Business Rules Lab
BizTalk Business Activity Monitoring
  • BAM architecture
  • BAM implementation
  • BAM tools
  • BAM Implementation Lab
BizTalk EDI
  • BizTalk EDI Architecture
  • Trading partner configuration
  • EDI schemas
  • EDI Lab (student's choice of X.12 or HL7)