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Introduction to Microsoft Project
Course Number:(PRJ-101)
Course Length:2 Day
Course Price:$795
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 Course Description

The two-day introductory course is a detailed roadmap to successfully managing projects using Microsoft Project. You will learn the key elements of project management and how to apply that knowledge using the robust features of Microsoft Project. You will learn to schedule, baseline, manage, and complete a project using the features of Microsoft Project. Exercises reinforce your learning and there is time allotted for you to work on your own projects. This course does not attempt a comprehensive look at all of the hundreds of features but concentrates on examples of each feature set to set the course for Getting the Job Done with Microsoft Project.

 Course Outline

Planning a Project
  • Defining a project
  • Creating a project goal statement

Scheduling a Project

  • Creating and editing base calendars
  • Defining a task
  • Creating, editing, and removing tasks
  • Creating recurring tasks
  • Using change highlighting
  • Using task calendars
  • Splitting tasks
  • Using the Task Path
  • Estimating
  • Outlining
  • Baselining

Working with Resources

  • Creating and editing work, material, and cost resources
  • Editing resource calendars
  • Assigning resources to tasks
  • Identifying and solving resource overallocations
  • Using variable pay rates
  • Setting resource availability

Working with the Critical Path

  • Defining the critical path
  • Identifying the critical path
  • “Crashing” the critical path
  • Using filters to drill down and/or identify problems

Managing the Project

  • Tracking Progress
  • Capturing actual information
  • Assigning overtime
  • Marking task completion
  • Reporting progress with views and reports
  • Identifying and solving slippage and variance
  • Completing a project
  • Analyzing completed projects