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Crystal Reports 2011: Report Design I - Fundamentals of Report Design
Course Number:(RD-210)
Course Length:2 Day
Course Price:$1,200
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 Course Description

This two-day instructor led classroom course is designed to give you comprehensive skills and in-depth knowledge to plan and create reports that will help you analyze and interpret information using Crystal Reports®. As a business benefit, you will find that this course is an in-depth approach to the entire report creation cycle from planning a report prototype to distributing a report.

 Course Outline


· The target audience for this course is report designers, new to Crystal Reports, who are responsible for creating and distributing reports.



· * Prerequisite Education:

· Not applicable for this course * Prerequisite Knowledge/Experience (To be successful, you must have working knowledge of:):

· Windows conventions

· Basic database concepts


Planning a Report

o Defining database concepts

o Planning and developing a report prototype

Creating a Report

o Connecting to a data source

o Adding tables

o The design environment

o Inserting objects on a report

o Previewing and saving a report

o Positioning and sizing objects

o Formatting objects

Selecting Records

o Defining the Select Expert

o Determining the record selection criteria

o Defining saved and refreshed data

o Applying and modifying record selection criteria

o Applying time-based record selection

Organizing Data on a Report

o Sorting records

o Grouping records

o Summarizing data

Formatting a Report

o Adding graphical elements

o Combining text objects with database fields

o Applying specialized formatting

o Inserting fields with pre-built functions

Applying Section Formatting

o Formatting sections

o Creating a summary report

Creating Basic Formulas

o Defining formulas

o Creating formulas

o Applying Boolean formulas, If-Then-Else formulas, date calculations number calculations, and string manipulation

Applying Conditional Reporting

o Determining trends in data

o Formatting data conditionally

Representing Data Visually

o Creating a chart

Distributing a Report

o Exporting a report

o Saving a report to BusinessObjects™ Enterprise


· Additional Education (Additional education offerings that we recommend include:)

o Report Design II - Business Reporting Solutions

o Report Design III - Report Processing Strategies

· Applicable Certification

o This course is a core course in the Business Objects Certified Professional - Crystal Reports certification.