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Craig Yellick Alto Co-Founder and Chief Solutions Architect

Craig Yellick is a master at leveraging his many years of IT solutions experience, excellent communication skills and strong business acumen to digest and explain how the latest IT innovations will help you grow your business.

For over 30 years, Craig Yellick has dedicated himself to researching and delivering IT solutions with a laser focus on cost effective business growth.  Craig Yellick is Alto Consulting's vice president and senior application architect.  Most recently he architected ZIMS, a very large scale zoological information management system used by zoos and aquaria all over the world. Craig's design is credited with making off-shore software development substantially more effective, producing higher quality software, faster and using only mid-level programmers for the bulk of the implementation.  The result was a solid cost effective design, done to scale and on budget.

Craig is the author of several books on software development, countless white papers and newsletter articles as well as over a dozen multi-day technical training classes.  Craig is also Alto's lead technology instructor and has trained thousands of IT students on many different topics throughout his career.

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