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Save valuable hours by viewing our previously recorded webinars. You'll get practical answers on how technology can benefit your business without all the marketing hype.

Application Software End of Life Planning – Free Webinar Series​

Application software does not last forever. At some point, some combination of challenges and opportunities make it clear that it's time to retire, replace or retrofit. You have options! Let's explore. Alto's comprehensive 6 part webinar series delivers an in-depth examination of this topic. ​

Doing Business Process Management Right with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint

Due to high demand for previous articles and webinars, Alto Consulting and Training's own Craig Yellick, was asked to deliver a session as part of Unity Connect.  Unity Connect is IT Unity's free 2 day online Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 conference (February 8-11) that brought together the world's leading SharePoint and Office 365 experts. Learn how to improve business process management (BPM) with the extensive out-of-the-box features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint. 

Improving Business Process Management with SharePoint ​​​​​

Alto partnered with IT Unity to deliver this free webinar. This was a very popular topic, close to 200 people registered for the event. Business process management (BPM) is critical to the success of any business venture. Alto's senior application architect, Craig Yellick, makes the case for using SharePoint to make your life as a manager much easier. ​

​​Recorded Webinars