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​​​Alto’s unique philosophy and staff have combined to exceed client expectations for over 30 years:

  • Fully capable IT Solutions are delivered by leveraging Alto's extensive Software Development and Systems Infrastructure experience.
  • Knowledge Transfer, training and mentoring are ingrained into Alto's DNA and our name, so your staff's readiness is a question never left unanswered.
  • Clients are always in control because of Alto's proven project management skills and sharp focus on budgets and schedules.
  • Buy only what you need from Alto's flexible business solution driven process.
  • Our highly certified staff in Minneapolis, Minnesota focuses on achieving unparalleled expertise with a select group of IT partner toolsets.
​​S​ince 1984​​​​​​​​


“BSI could not have delivered to market such a robust, user friendly application, so quickly, without Alto Consulting & their talented team using SharePoint Server as a platform."

- Biomedical Synergies, Inc.

“We enjoyed working with Alto as the flow of the work process was smooth. They were able to deliver a quality product in time and within our limited budget.”

- Hunger Solutions Minnesota

“Our Alto consultant has become a huge asset to Unyson's production and team. His business knowledge and experience makes him capable of suggesting creative productive solutions for our business processes. He has done a terrific job of picking up the details of our business.”

- Unyson Logistics