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When “Straight From the Book” Doesn’t Cut It

Congratulations! If you’re reading this web page it means that you’re thinking about finding real solutions for your business challenges. Here are a few of the ways Alto located in Minneapolis, Minnesota can work with you to create customized training solutions to fit your needs.

In a Class of Your Own If you’ve got 6 or more people to be trained, it may make more sense for us to bring an instructor to your facility, or to create a private course for you at our site. The more people you have to train, the more this option makes sense.

Outcome Based Results If you’re in charge of purchasing training for someone other than yourself, how do you know if the money was well spent? Try Alto’s Outcome Based Results. We’re happy to develop, for any custom course, a short quiz that tests student knowledge of the real guts of the course, and we administer the same test after the course is complete and you can see the results for yourself. Don’t wonder if your money was well spent – prove it!

Bulk Savings Just like shopping at Sam’s Club™ or Costco™, you too can save more money by buying a large chunk of days of our public training classes and you can send students to use up the training days when it is convenient for you. Buy your training days in advance and in bulk to save money, and decide how to distribute the days to your staff later.

Training Over Time It isn’t easy to get away from the office to take training, and it’s even harder to take several days off. For some customers the right solution is to take a few days per month, here and there, and to work what you’re learning in class into your project.

Learn at your pace but don’t fall behind at the office. Whether we conduct training at our location or yours, an extended learning course taken over time makes sense for many people.

Coaching and Mentoring – Have you ever just wanted an expert to sit down with you, in your office, and work through some of your project hang-ups? That is available at Alto. Let’s work one-on-one together. We’ll throw the books to the side and we’ll pass the keyboard and mouse back and forth as you and our expert sit at the computer together. You ask questions, and we’ll work through the answers until you’re happy.

Mix and Match Custom Books – Whether you want courseware that is a subset of Alto’s library of hands-on material so you can conduct your own classes, or you want us to teach custom classes for you from custom books, let’s work together to develop a solid curriculum outline.

A Temporary Space for Your Group– Do you work with a group that temporarily needs an extra training room? Alto has three state-of-the-art training rooms,complete with computers (if you want them), available for rental for groups up to 60 people. Our training rooms offer great projection equipment, white boards, fine control over lighting, a private break room, onsite computer setup/support staff, and a high-speed Internet connection in the training rooms. We can even take care of catering for breaks and lunch. Let our space be your space.  Read about our computer training classroom rental (PDF)

Contact a Training Account Manager to discuss any of these options, today! ​​​​​​​​​​​

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